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Who am I


is owned and operated by me.

I work with people like you,

small business owners,

to provide you with

cost effective



web designs and

marketing tools.

What I do

I use professional photographs to create designs for printed materialslike logos, brochures and flyers or digital material like websites and email marketing campaigns.

Apart from the design, I also develop and maintain your website and help you promote your site and products.

Email Marketing Campaignsare the most effective way to reach a target audience. It is a professional HTML email that markets your services and products to all your clients simultaneously and I provide you with invaluable feedback on what works and what doesn't.

I also photograph, build and host Virtual tours - a combination of slideshows and panoramas to create an indispensable marketing tool for the real estate industry, guest houses, B&B's or offices.

What I've done
Here are some


that I've designed and devloped or am maintaining.
Web design websites web maintenance
web design and maintenance
web design and product photography

Some of my clients for Email Marketing Campaigns include The Sunshine Kitchen, Opera Africa, Artworx, Ian Wessels, Partner for Health and Technology-SA and Cushion Culture.

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And here are a few Print Designs


For Virtual Tours click on the image to see the tour - but if you are in SA, be patient: It is full screen and HD!
virtual tourvirtual tour

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